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3H PREKAST is a member of GRCA, a glass fiber reinforced concrete manufacturer worldwide, and has the manufacturer's certificate.


3H PREKAST - GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) has been in various fields in construction sector for 20 years; Contracting, project and supervision activities. 3H PREKAST, serving customers by combining innovative solutions with quality, fills a big gap in the industry with years of experience. 3H PREKAST is a member of GRCA (GlassfibreReinforcedConcreteAssociation), a worldwide producer of glass fiber reinforced concrete, and has a manufacturer's certificate. With the experience and knowledge of supervising the construction area exceeding 4,000,000 m², this solution has been developed to produce solutions that will contribute to the safety and design of your structures and to meet the needs of your needs. 3H PREKAST serves its customers in a modern production facility with a closed area of ​​4500 m² and an open area of ​​9000 m².

Production And Precast

Professional Team

Finished facade elements are installed in the building as well as in Europe and America..

Quality product

This system allows the loads that may arise during a possible earthquake to be displaced.

Custom design

Quality control precast elements are applied by professional assembly teams according to the installation planning and schedule.



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