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3h Prekast Facade Elements

3h Precast decorative facade elements can be produced with desired texture and unlimited architectural forms. It fits all kinds of façade systems. Designed for every detail.

3h Precast Elements allow for the production of special production garden elements in detail, cross section, textures and colors desired by Landscape Architects as well as being a very strong and fiber reinforced concrete material resistant to environmental factors.

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  • Column and column headings can be produced on the buildings to cover the vertical bearings.
  • The floor and fringe belts are a structural element that deliberately defines the outside of the building in the direction of the floor of the building.
  • Door and window frames can be produced in piece or monoblock.
  • Belts and vaults can be produced entirely with GRC.
  • Harpuştalar is known as a wall-mounted hat. Both the aesthetic element and the isolation element are used.
  • The indispensable elements of classical construction can be produced in locks and corner stones as desired.
  • The paillettes are used to provide decorative wealth under the fringes.


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