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Heat Insulated Precast Panel

3h prekast boutique façade panel is mounted on the building with special duct type anchoring materials, supported by steel carcass with required section length according to static account. In accordance with the architectural design, the modularized 3h precast GRC Precast Facade Panels can be pre-determined and easily solved, with possible problems of pavement and gauging that may be present in the building envelope, while being assembled in a rough skeleton finished building.

3h PreKast GRC Front Panels Make a Difference in Your Home. Concrete with high compressive strength can not show the same strength against drawing. Thanks to the fiber material in fiberglass reinforced concrete, it provides both pressure and draft resistance. For example, fiber strength is 3 times that of steel, and flexibility is 4 times. In addition, the fiber does not deteriorate for many years because it is a rusting material. The 3h precast Insulated Facade Panel System allows the buildings to be instantly distinguished from other buildings with its smooth and smooth surfaces.

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  • You can do everything you can with your GRC. Unlimited texture, possibility of withdrawal. Allows to resolve any architectural detail.
  • GRC is a special type of concrete with much higher performance values than conventional concrete. Silica sand, white cement, water-based chemical additives and specially resistant glass fiber filaments.
  • GRC is waterproof and does not crack.
  • Does not suffer corrosion, maintain surface smoothness for many years.
  • Thanks to its special glass fiber filaments, it does not break apart when it receives impact, it protects its integrity.
  • Since the specific weight is lighter than natural stone and classical concrete, it reduces the physical load of the structures, does not bring overload.
  • Depression is resistant against.
  • Class A1 is fireproof material. It does not burn, it does not burn, it does not burn and smokes at all.
  • Due to the GRC panels being built from outside on the building floors, it offers the same amount of material as conventional floors.
  • 3h Cement, glass fibers, additives, sand used in precast elements.
  • Use in different climates and temperature differences.
  • Provides excellent heat, sound and water insulation.
  • The desired color can be painted, can be produced in desired color.
  • It has high resistance against pressure and draw.
  • Excellent resistance to external factors.
  • Fast and safe installation.

3h precast is produced in our production facilities according to specially developed designs with Heat Insulated Precast Panel. Production process with precast façade; Mold making, carcass manufacturing, casting, insulation and assembly stages.

The mold stage involves the production of molds for casting of the elements to be produced. According to the characteristic of the project, molds are produced from polyester, wood or steel material. The next manufacturing phase is carried out using all galvanized carcass systems in all precast panels.

During the casting phase, we use Cem-Fil® brand fiber produced by Owen's Corning for panel-reinforced concrete for panelles and all other productions. It is very important to use Cem-Fil or equivalent alkali-resistant fiber in fiber reinforced concrete production. The fiber sold in the market reacts with the alkaline elements in the concrete over time and melts and the elements lose their properties. This causes cracks in the future, causing the material to lose its function and causing serious insulation problems on the facade. All special spray systems used for casting are imported from the UK. Aluminum foil stone is used in the fireproofing class A1, which is a light but very effective insulation material according to its counterparts and which is required by the fire regulations, in the panels from the casting where special spray systems imported from England are used

3h precast Heat Insulated Precast Façade Panels are assembled using specially produced steel anchors according to the building project after they have completed their production. The precast-mounted façade panels in this way are applied in such a way as to overcome the load changes occurring in the building in the event of an earthquake. Our production is under strict supervision and quality control at every stage. Our company which has GRCA AMS (Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association Approved Producer Certificate), our products which are approved by our experienced and professional team are shipped to assembly site.


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